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All of my songs are free. They are a mixture of pop, rock, country, and hip-hop. Sometimes I sing the songs myself, sometimes I have other people perform them.
free rock songs
  1. Feel The Circle Of Life (performed by Douglas Haines)
  2. What It Takes To Be A Man (performed by Chris Davidson)
  3. Another Bullet In The Chamber (performed by Chris Davidson)
  4. What If (performed by Jonathan Wood)
  5. I Love You So Much It Hurts (performed by Douglas Haines)
  6. My Secret Life (performed by LM)
  7. Gone, Gone, Gone (performed by Chris Davidson)
  8. Love In An Innocent Time (performed by Douglas Haines)
  9. I Believe (performed by Chris Davidson)
  10. Are We There Yet? (performed by Chris Davidson)
  11. I Pray (performed by LM)
  12. In The Arms of America (performed by Douglas Haines)
  13. Never More (performed by Douglas Haines)
  14. After All These Years (performed by Chris Davidson)
  15. You Won't Lose Me (performed by Douglas Haines)
  16. The Greatest Story Never Told (performed by Chris Davidson)
  17. Don't Think Too Much (performed by LM)
  18. Swept Away (performed by Chris Davidson)
  19. Come Home To Me (performed by dyingseed)
  20. Random Walk (performed by Chris Davidson)
  21. Like A Butterfly (Performed by Douglas Haines)
  22. My Darling Ruin (perfomed by Chris Davidson)
  23. Lightning In A Bottle (performed by LM)
  24. All We Could See at the Window (performed by Douglas Haines)
  25. Forever (performed by Douglas Haines)
  26. Seduce Me (performed by Chris Davidson)
  27. Everywhere I Go (performed by Chris Davidson)
  28. Fade Away (performed by Douglas Haines)
  29. History of My Broken Heart (performed by Chris Davidson)
  30. These Are The Days (performed by Douglas Haines)
  31. Sleep Tight (a lullaby)
  32. Pimp My Sleigh (music video)
  33. Hip-Hop Hanukkah (music video)
  34. Gray Rainbow
  35. How Much Will You Give Me
  36. Couldn't Have Been Worse
  37. Party On Your Birthday (music video)
  38. Interesting Times
  39. Convalescence
  40. Everybody Calm Down
  41. A Scary Thing
  42. The Night I Fell In Love (lyrics only, no music)
  43. I Wanna Dance (lyrics only, no music)
  44. Not So Easily Found (lyrics only, no music)
  45. In The Tank
  46. Pink Ribbon
  47. The Sugar Shaker
  48. Evil April
  49. Thank God For Memphis
  50. How Beautiful She Is
  51. Ran Away To Paris
  52. We Were Not Meant To Be
  53. I Confess
  54. Let Me In
  55. I Love My Pringles (music video)
  56. Ark of Philadelphia
  57. The Raging Grannies Rap (about the nationwide political group)
  58. 11th Anniversary Rap (an anniversary present to my wife)
  59. Night Terrors
  60. Credible Threat
  61. Half Empty/Half Full
  62. God's Thumb
  63. Kick Start
  64. Clause 5, Sub-Paragraph d)
  65. Sleepwalking
  66. Walking the Border
  67. City in Fog
  68. Bullets and Lovers
nerdcore songs
Nerdcore is an amateur and geeky version of hip-hop music. These are songs I wrote in 2006 and 2007:

  1. I Got Game
  2. The TurboTax Rap (music video)
  3. Bring It On
  4. Nerdcore Superstar
  5. In The Valley (music video)
  6. The Water Tower Rap (music video)
  7. King Me
  8. Geek Love
  9. Ten Lies
  10. You Suck - with MC Inadequate
  11. The Return of Eric B
  12. Hip-Hop Vacation
  13. MC Eric B For President (music video)
  14. A Friendly Reminder
  15. This Is How We Roll
  16. Internet Addict
  17. Cyberthug
  18. I'm A Horse (music video)
  19. Web VIP
  20. Missing Socks
  21. Peer2Peer
  22. HipRock
  23. Schrodinger's Cat
  24. Hardcore Love
  25. Nerdcore Battle - with Rev Badger
  26. Bling Bling
  27. A Woman On Paper
  28. In Memoriam
  29. It Belongs To Me
  30. Get A Life
  31. I'm A Pig (music video)
  32. Theme Song (music video)
  33. Get Hyphy
  34. Death and Taxes (music video)
  35. The Pringles Rap (music video)
  36. The Insult King
  37. And Counting
  38. 501
  39. With A Bang
MC Eric B Radio Player

  1. In The Arms of America
  2. Never More
  3. Forever
  4. Feel The Circle Of Life
  5. I Believe
  6. I Love You So Much It Hurts
  7. Like A Butterfly
  8. Love In An Innocent Time
  9. Gone, Gone, Gone
  10. You Won't Lose Me

These are very old lyrics I wrote:
  1. As Rich As Trump
  2. Let There Be Peace
  3. Spiral
  4. Rap Haiku
  5. Computer Virus Blues
  6. Name Dropper
  7. Where Do I Fit In?
  8. Battle
  9. Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll
  10. Save The Earth
  11. Digital
  12. You Make Me Feel Alive
  13. Cubicle Farm
  14. Married Life
  15. Falling Out of Love
  16. Give Me A Record Deal
  17. Surfing The Internet
  18. TV Land
  19. Remember My Name
  20. Show Me The Light
  21. Valentine's Day Sucks
  22. Baby Shower Poem
  23. I Don't Like Crust

These are versions of very old songs I wrote:

Click Here to hear the cover version of my song Couldn't Have Been Worse, by Ross Durand.

Click Here to hear the cover version of my song Hip-Hop Vacation, by a group called Mr Door.

Click Here to hear the cover version of my song Thank God For Memphis, by Lyric Burglar.

Click Here to hear the cover version of my song And Counting, by Bizarro Eric MC.

Click Here to hear the cover version of my song 501, by The Thomas Jeffersons.

Click Here to hear the cover version of my song Credible Threat, by The Thomas Jeffersons.

Click Here to hear the cover version of my song All We Could See At The Window, by The Thomas Jeffersons.

Click Here to hear the cover version of my song Interesting Times, by Chumlords.

Click Here to hear a dubstep remix of my song Pimp My Sleigh, by FreeTheBass (Michael DiGiovanni).

My SongFight Entries - A song writing contest where each week a new song title is given, and all the entrants have to write a song using that song title. Page Page Page for Eric Borgos Page for MC Eric B

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