Song Title: Bring It On

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Bring It On

Verse 1:
As a gangster rapper
I get my fair share of haters
they give me thumbs down
like those 2 famous movie raters

But I recover easier than a file
that was deleted
like when playing RPGs
I always go undefeated

I can spread rumors
faster than a viral clip
so if you diss me
I'll shut you down like a blown power strip

Bring it on, all you posers
come and get me

I'll hack you
like a site that's badly coded
bring it on, man
my PC is fully loaded

Verse 2:
People share my songs so much
I crashed the servers at Napster
Puffy's making a new band and
asked me to be the lead rapper

Believe it or not
I even use my laptop
while I'm the crapper

Bring it on, all you fakers
come and get me

I'll unpack you
like a massive tar file
you better run faster
than the code that I compile

Verse 3:
All my equations
they are quadratic
when I release a CD
it shoots to #1 automatic

I'm a Jedi
I'm a Trekkie
I'm a Slayer
I'm the world's best ever video game player

Bring it on, let the dogs out
come and get me

I'll battle you to the death
my ninja skills are legendary
don't wanna incur my wrath
now that would be real scary
start digging a grave
'cause it's you I'm going to bury