I wrote the lyrics and melody for Comfortable In My Skin, but did not record it yet.

Comfortable In My Skin

Verse 1:
I make no bones
about who I am
as time marches on
less I give a damn

Like what I like
don't want something new
why sit and worry over
what other people do

Curiosity and wisdom
sometimes anger, sometimes grace
a poet and a rebel
all reside here in this face

Every line's a journey
to the places I have been
yeah, I'm comfortable
comfortable in my skin

Verse 2:
They say that youth's
wasted on the young
running from the fire
of the Devil's tongue

Tried to laugh and smile
drifting out to sea
heard a million voices
but none heard me

I may be weird or crazy
but I wear those titles proud
blazing my own trail
'stead of walking in a crowd

Too many years of fighting
time's a game you can not win
I'm finally comfortable
comfortable in my skin

Yeah, I'm comfortable
comfortable in my skin


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