I wrote the lyrics and melody for Feel The Circle of Life, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Elliott Sheridan to record it for me.

Video by Eric Borgos and Eno Productions.

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Feel The Circle Of Life

Verse 1:
Billions of people
and we're all connected
united we stand
under statues erected

But one day they'll crumble
and all turn to dust
the dreams of a nation
so carelessly flushed

Is it too late in the game
for a Hail Mary pass?
The Greeks and the Romans
all thought it would last

They prayed in their temples
looked up at their gods
they fought epic battles
defying the odds

Now ghosts of their ruins
litter our streets
a heart filled with sadness
no longer beats

Feel the circle of life
it rushes and flows
the circle of life
it sparkles, it grows
the circle of life
we sing the same song
Feel the circle of life
to which we all belong

Verse 2:
The soul of the Earth
cries out in pain
in fast melting glaciers
and thunder and rain

No one can hear
the tree as it falls
over registers ringing
in suburban malls

Will new generations
feel sun on their skin
bathe in the oceans
and wash off our sins?

Time to wake up
to go plant the seed
the power of change
is all that you need

Feel the circle of life
it hustles and flows
the circle of life
it sparkles, it grows
Feel the circle of life
we sing the same song
Feel the circle of life
to which we all belong

Reviews of Feel The Circle of Life (overall song: 7.1 out of 10) from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service:

  • A catchy and nicely flowing opening that serves as a good intro for a vocalist who has a lot of talent and passion in their lyrics and the tone they bring to the track.
  • Easily my favorite type of genre of music and the artist did it some justice. The production quality was great and had me listening to the whole song.
  • Good mix and instrumentals. Loved the start of the sound. The vocals were a little dry, but not bad. Sound was a little to light for me. Other then that not that bad.
  • I like the start of the song. The song was uplifting and sounds very positive and simple. I think the vocals could improve to make the song better.
  • I like the title of this song and the melody is really pretty. The vocals work with the music and sound great together. Song structure is simple but works.
  • I liked that it was upbeat and fun. I don't think I would want to hear it again just because it's not that interesting. But it is a good song.
  • I liked the method and delivery of this song. The vocals were a little flat and bland for me but the vocals do carry some of that resistance over.
  • I listen to a lot of music, but this duo is quickly becoming a favorite. I love the lyrics, the vocals are just so spot on, and the music is great. Again, I wish I could rate them higher.
  • I really liked the easy going and relaxing beat of the song. I thought it fit the song very well. I think the vocals were also really well done. Great work.
  • I think the vocals could be stronger in the beginning. The lyrics are good and fit well with the music. I like the rhythm and beat of the music.
  • I thought the lyrics made a powerful statement about our culture and history and it was done in a haunting and sad way. I rarely hear lyrics this good.
  • I thought the music was simplistic, didn't care much for the lyrics, either. The worst part was it sounded like the singer was singing off key off and on throughout the song.
  • Not bad, but a little too much of a downer for me. The vocals are good, but the lyrics are a little too melancholy for the instrumentation, which is kind of cheerful and upbeat.
  • Something about this that is not let letting me enjoy this one. I think the music needs to be a little better and more powerful to compliment the vocals.
  • The beat and tune of the song was cool and upbeat in a way that sounded really good. However, the singer did not sound good at all and kind of ruined the song for me.
  • The melody to the song is catchy, but the singer's voice is just not good. He sounds monotone, like he's really not singing, like there's no emotion in his words. Just very bored sounding.
  • The recording quality of this song is pretty good actually. I don't think I would ever consider this pop or dance music. But it is a nice song. Whatever genre it really is.
  • The song had a good pace to it. It was relaxing and chill. It was also very easy to listen to. I would not mind hearing more. Thank you.
  • This is a great song to get moving to. It makes me feel ready for my day! The tone of the instrumental is very mellow and the lyrics match! Neither one over powers each other.
  • Vocals are not bad overall but again could use more energy or feeling. The structure is a bit simple and could be more complex overall.

Below is an acoustic version of Feel The Circle Of Life, performed by Douglas Haines: