Song Title: Get A Life

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Get A Life

Verse 1:
I face the world alone
day after day
living my life
in very geeky way

Playin' video games
going to scifi conventions
battling bad guys
in multiple dimensions

Stacks of comic books
they fill up my room
in the back of my closet
sits a Storm Trooper costume

Got tons of quarters
to bring to the arcade
sometimes I meet my friends
and action figures we trade

If I get a high score
I never enter my initials
worried I might be tracked
by some government officials

I'm proud to be nerdy
but my parents don't agree
they say I should act
more like the kids on TV

They always cut me down
so fast to criticize
giving me lots of advice
that they think is so wise

Telling me things
I don't wanna hear
things like

Get a life
get a girl
gotta find your own place
in this world

Get a life
get a life
go get a life

Verse 2:
Now some years have gone by
made my way to college
some mistakes of my past
I will certaintly acknowledge

Never should'a joined the fan club
for Frodo Baggins
or dedicated so much of my life
to Dungeons and Dragons

Used to be a total dork
like Napoleon Dynamite
but now I got game
and my skills are tight

Chicks wanna study with me
'cause I got mental smarts
and I still kick ass
in video game martial arts

Sometimes I surf the Net
sometimes I hit the clubs
I'm cool yet geeky
just like J.D. is on Scrubs

Everything's about balance
a social high wire act
things change but stay the same
and now that's a fact

Get a life
get a girl
tryin' to find my own place
in this world

Take a chance seize the day
best to burn out
and not fade away
Don't fade away