Song Title: Ran Away To Paris

I wrote the lyrics and melody for Ran Away To Paris, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to perform it for me.

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Ran Away To Paris

Verse 1:
The alarm clock rings
I start a new day
another piece of my soul
slowly slipping away

Are we just drones and robots
cogs in a giant machine
fueled by money and power
Twinkie snacks and caffeine?

Rap Part:
Sometimes I stand on a cliff
just to feel the buzz
and tell little white lies
well, just because

Gotta get me a fix
a mental morphine drip
take me far away
on a spiritual trip

If you win the rat race
you're still a rat
just a bug on a windshield
about to go splat

How'd our dreams get lost?
When did we start losing hope?
is settling into a routine
simply a way to cope?

What if we ran away to Paris?
Took a chance and start our lives anew
get rid of all our worries and our problems
strip things right down to me and you

Verse 2:
At a cafe we would dine
overlooking the River Seine
watching the sun rise and set
over and over again

Inhaling all of the beauty
the famed architectural sites
we'd get lost in the magic
of the City of Lights

Rap Part:
Like the journeys before us
of Hemingway and van Gogh
forever changed by a culture
of Brie and Bordeaux

The amazing art of the Louvre
Rembrandt, Picasso, Matisse
The mysterious code of da Vinci
a quest for inner peace

Under the Eiffel Tower
or that cathedral Notre Dame
we'd go to read and enjoy
the tranquility and calm

So step off the edge
break outta your safety zone
and grab ahold of my hand
leap towards the future unknown

What if we ran away to Paris?
Took a chance and start our lives anew
get rid of all our worries and our problems
strip things right down to me and you

Outro (rapped):
Let's run away to Paris
go on a trip to France
live together forever
in that city of romance

I know we can make it
deep inside my heart
all we need is each other
and a brand new start

Reviews of the Ran Away To Paris (song score: 4.4 out of 10) from the Crowd Review service:

  • I love the beat from the introduction. The vocals are kind of ok, and are kind of ugly at the same time and may need work. However I think that the backbeat help make up for it and help increase the songs potential to attract a larger audience and to retain them.
  • The intro is making me think french accordion, an interesting choice. Quite nice vocals here, I like the talking parts during this. I feel like the looping track needs more to it. The song is about paris so the accordion was an appropriate choice. The synth sounds during this sound a bit odd, the bass sounds great but otherwise maybe less synth would help.
  • This song was not the best in the world. I liked the way the track started off because it was similar to that of another artist I have heard before. I think the beat sounding like Micheal Jackson's song called Thriller was no accident. This artist was mimicking some one else's style in my opinion and did not sound original.
  • The intro for this track is the sound of a acorn like beat that echoes and I really like it. the man that comes in blends with the bass and the he actually sings in a mysterious way. the man that sings is a bit off key at times but I think he is pretty good. the beat is very generic and not live at all. it is also not interesting. scrap this and start over.
  • The instrumental of this song is quite simple and not so rich, but it has a flowing rhythm and sounds good. The artist has a very interesting style of singing, we can notice a nice vocal flow and then some recitation parts in the song. I think this makes the song quite distinctive, but I do not find it that compelling as an overall performance.
  • I like the e piano and accordion at the begging. the vocalist voice doesn't go with this beat and style of music, i know he is trying to do something different, but it's not working. specially when he starts free styling is not good. only listened to first 15 seconds.
  • Mediterranean south of France appeal for me. The singer doesn't have a distinctive voice. He has rather boring voice. The lyrics are thought provoking. The Human League could have wrote this song. If they had it would be more appealing. The arrangement is slow and lethargic. I would know what category to put this in.
  • This song starts off robotic and with a strong bass line. Your tone of voice is so mellow tone that it gives the song an attitude. I like how different your voice sounds. I like how you speak the lyrics instead of singing them. The chorus sounds really melodic.
  • I pretty much enjoyed this song from the very beginning. The music was perfect and it fit the lyrics so well. This probably isn't something that i would choose to listen to, but it is interesting and something that many people would enjoy. There is a sense of mystery created and it draws in the audience.
  • The beat and instrumental of the song is really electric. The voice doesn't really go with the beat of the song and I can't really tell what the melody of the song is. In my opinion I feel like the lyrics of the song is kind of weird. It isn't something that a lot of people could relate to.
  • The start off with electronic tones make me very uninterested. It isn't upbeat enough to be a dance tone but doesn't seem something like you would just listen to. The vocals are fitting but i think the lyrics aren't very relatable nor do they seem to have anything to say. I think the beat is repetitive in a poor way.
  • I immediately connected with this song when the beat began. Although that kind of changed when I heard the vocals. I wasn't expecting a reverb-ed male's voice but the poorly executed rap was unexpected as well. This song seems as though it is a beginning rap/singing song but I would suggest having a female sing the singing parts or another person rapping because it didn't make much sense to me.
  • I think it was awesome how you had an eerie and weird sound for the song with the snare and drum. You also had such a unique singer for the lead male vocals. The only part I did not like was the small talking parts of the lyrics, it kind of killed the song for me, but the lyrics had meaning to them!
  • I like how this piece of music began. The beat was really hot. As the artist started to sing, it made me disappointed. The lyrics did not make much sense and they did not go with the beat at all. The way the artist sang, it made it seem like this was more of a poem then a song.
  • First of all the verse was a little bit too bland and there wasn't much to it and it wasn't enough like rapping as it could have been it was more like how a person would talk to someone normally. The refrain though was better and more interesting to listen to than the verse.
  • Clever song. This artist is speaking while the musical sounds are being played. His voice sounds pretty good. Later on he does sing with a clear voice. This song is funky and I dig it! There are modern instruments playing and that goes with the theme of the song. I do like that tapping sound. It is an original song. There are parts of this song that might be useful for some commercials. Definitely a song to dance to at night clubs.
  • This song sounds somewhat catchy but unfortunately not catchy enough to attract the attention of a wide ranged audience. The vocals however are creatively unique, adding depth and emotion to the tonality of the singers voice. The lyrics involved in this song are suitable for the voice of the singer, and the composition adds a lot of effect to whole outcome of the song.
  • The vocal performance on this track is reasonable until the strange rapping kicks in, which I do not think works too well. The chorus is poor and very forgettable. Some of the electronic backing effects are a bit cheap sounding. If they could be improved I think it would do the track wonders.
  • I really like the use of percussion and electronics for the beat of this song. The singers voice does not help this song at all though. He sings very low and slow almost making the song boring and taking away from the awesome beat. I would put a different artist on this song because it would be a lot better if there was a better voice on this track.
  • This song has effective use and control of its base, layering it effectively throughout even though the melody isn't too complex. The singer I have mixed feelings about - the parts he tries to rap/talk do not work with his voice, but the parts where he sings are much better. He needs to play to his strengths more.
  • Has a good electronic beat and makes it like disco song. Until the singing comes when it really ruins how the vibe is coming. the singing is very poor. the sort of rap is terrible and i think it deserves 2 stars. sorry guys I don't think it was very powerful.
  • The very start of the song was appealing to me due to the hyper and up lifted beats of the musical instruments! The singers vocals sounded elegant and brilliant. The singer and this song have great potential, Maybe use a high volume for the under tunes.
  • This genre that I'm listening isn't my type but the track does sound really nice. It does remind me of Vanilla Ice mixed with smooth rock a little bit, that's my opinion though. It's very easy going and relaxing. And I like it but I wouldn't listen to it.
  • This song becomes with a low sounding music tones playing regularly. The beats join in and song appears melodious. I was attracted by the regularity of the drums and the precision with which they are played. The singer is accomplished and he adjusts well with the changing tempo of the music. Lyrics are competent and compelling.

Below is a version of the acoustic version of Ran Away To Paris by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the acoustic version of Ran Away To Paris (song score: 4.5 out of 10) from the Crowd Review service:

  • Guitar is nice and calm in opening. The vocalist sounds like he is biting his tongue as he sings. His voice is a little weird. The lyrics flow well and are a bitter truth. The bassline is original and keeps the beat steady. This a fresh and original song that I welcome with open arms.
  • A nice slow soothing start with a strong vocal entrance, i'm not quite sure though if this is a country song or rap song cause it seems that it was trying to rap. he cant keep up with the audio he seems to slow down at some points then speed up to catch up. but overall its a nice sounding song that many people will love to listen to.
  • A slower song which I have not heard in a while. The song has a nice soft guitar strum. The lyrics are not quite what you would expect in this song. The lyrics are kind of making me laugh. Not what I was expecting for sure. The lyrics are well written and the chorus is more serious like the musical beat sounds. Pretty cool hybrid sounding song.
  • I love the light guitar strumming to this track. His voice seems deeper than what I would have thought for this mood, but it still works. His message is clear, but the subjects skip around a bit. You can still hear everything clearly, from the chords to the singing. He almost sounds like he is reading poetry, but once he uses his voice a bit, it sounds more complete with a clear tone.
  • There's a high pitch noise in the beginning of the song which annoyed me very much. Also, the guitar made a pretty weird noise in the beginning that didn't sound like it was supposed to be there. Also, try putting more emotion in your singing because it doesn't really sound like a real song. It started out singing like a country song and it changed in the middle. Try changing it.
  • The sound of the guiatr is nice and well played. the song is like a country and light music kind. the singer's voice is so cool and it is very deep. the music is very creative and catchy. i like it very much even if it is not my kind of music.
  • It begins off with some guitar which draws me in. The melody is nice and calm which puts you to sleep. The singer kind of crashes the song to the floor with his words. The lyrics dont make much sense and confuse me. The structure is everywhere and doesnt follow a pattern. This song could use alot of work as long with the singer.
  • Cute instrumental in the beginning with scratchy and fresh vocals.the lyrics are nice and meaningful with love and dreams of running away, it sounds like everyones dream to find love. The mixing is choppy and changes up the rythym which is a bit odd but somehow fits the track. Composure is a little weak and needs a tad bit of strengthening.
  • Solid acoustic playing to set the tone of the piece overall. The vocalist is only above average but he has his own way of delivery that makes this song very unique as well as stand out. I wasn't too huge a fan of the chorus but it fits the piece very well. Overall this piece is a solid folkish-soft rock song, with a clear cut message and strange delivery by the vocalist making it stand out.
  • The whole start of the track is like floating on air. It is a light weight tempo and beat that has a lot of harmonies depending on a guitar. His voice is familiar but I don't think it is the same artist I am thinking of. His voice is improving though as the song goes on if so. I can hear some really good potential in this track. It seems his voice has been trained to get the control of the pitch here. Love the energies that are coming from his lyrics as he talks them out also.
  • The acoustic guitar playing is okay to listen to. The singer can't sing though. He sounds like he's just talking over the guitar playing at first. When he does sing it sounds a bit better but he doesn't have good enough of a voice to be singing. Then the talking sounding parts completely ruin the song and doesn't transition into singing well.
  • I would describe the beginning of this song as drab and not eye catching. I was hoping the singer in this song would bring some life to the beat of this song. This singer however sounded like a robot he had no range in his voice. Which was ironic because he mentioned humans being like robots. This song was very simple and not flashy. I do not know if that is what the artist was going for, but I found the song boring.
  • The lyrics sound cheesy and childish. The voice sounds old, and I think the moment where the singer talks has to go. There is a lot of things in this song making it old. What I like the most is the guitar, it was lovely at the beginning and throughout the song, but the way the singer is singing is dragging the song to another era.
  • Very nice piece of guitar at the beginning made me silent for really a minute. after the prelude the melodious vocal entry made me calm and more dedicated towards this song. the vocal and the music seem very very perfect on this song. though there are not much instrument played on this song and even the drums not hearable. the plucking of the guitar supports the whole song. wonderful!!
  • The guitar lead the beginning is very lovely and gentle. It takes about forty five seconds before the vocalist enters. He laments about his worries and how his life hasn't turned out the way he wishes. He then imparts his lover to run away with him to Paris, and the gentle tune continues as he realizes his life isn't going anywhere. The little rap in the middle seems out of place.
  • I like the opening guitar; it was a nice touch. I don't like that he waited until 34 seconds in to start talking; that was too long. He talked a little too fast at some parts like at 56 seconds. The rest was good. It seems like a good chunk of effort was put into this song.
  • The melody of the guitar was very soothing a melodic. I think the vocals were too harsh to match this gentle guitar as I was expecting a smooth love song rather than a country voice. I would not say the song was particularly memorable or distinctive from other slow paced country tracks.
  • This guitar appears to be out of tune, but the melody is nice so I will give it a chance. I take that back, this gentlemanly voice sounds like my middle aged neighbour who creeped me out when I was little. Now buddy's trying to do the whole Jason Aldean talking bit and let me tell you that it is not working. This song is all over the place.
  • I enjoy relaxing guitar songs, and this was a very nice song. It was interesting because other than the chorus, the singer was speaking the lyrics. I didn't really like singer's voice, and it kind of threw me off that he started to use spoken word almost like rap. I was thinking it would be a typical country song, however, it was not. I don't really even know what to consider this song as because it is such a mixed genre. Overall I enjoyed it.
  • This song starts off slowly with a nice guitar intro and a easy listening pace. The lyrics are really powerful, make you think about life and even personally gave me a laugh. The artist starts off singing with a rich manly voice and a lovely country sound but as the song progresses he not only sings but has speaking parts too which are equally enjoyable.
  • The guitar at the start of this track is really gentle and beautuful and I thought I was going to really enjoy this track. Unfortunately I found the whole song to be a bit bizzare. The artist had an unusual voice and wasn't really singing or rapping but speaking. The lyrics were really weird and a bit creepy. I probably would have preferred singing.
  • In my opinion, I enjoyed the chord progression and plucking pattern, but I found the lyrics a bit basic. I also didn't enjoy the part where he raps, as I found that a bit corny and didn't fit in the type of song. It throws me off, and it takes away from the singing.
  • An out of tune guitar starts this track and continues for about thirty seconds and the lyrics start. The singer is worse than his out of tune guitar. The lyrics are pseudo-philosophical and lame. The singer is not good. He just spits out words quickly and can't hold notes at all. This was unpleasant to listen to.
  • Slow country song, To me this song is not good at all. It sounds like a parody, not a real song and if it was i would not put it out. Please fix the instrumental, lyrics, and vocals. I can not read this song is it sad, Happy, heart break. what is it?
  • The vocals are weak. The instrumental accompaniment is unbalanced. The quality isn't amazing. The melody sounds like an average man with a guitar. The song would not sell in Hollywood. It sounds like the man is just talking. It is not catchy. The only instrument is the guitar. There are no beats.
  • This begins promising with very slow, soft, acoustic guitar picking. Then- the voice. Immediately the lyrics are distracting with how silly they are, and this guys voice is somewhere between Johnny cash and Weird Al. More than anything the vocals are jarring compared to the gentleness of the guitar. This song could be very touching and sensitive but it's kind of lost with the delivery. It does grow on you though I can very much do without the "rapping".
  • I like the guitar intro. it has a very nice tone. the singer sounds bad and his lyrics are bad. i like how he rhymes the lyrics. the intro was way to long. it ind of sounds like a country song to me. it wouldn't share this song.
  • The guitar performance at the beginning of the song is filled with emotion and vulnerability. The lead singer has a raw voice that is clear and heartfelt. The chorus is beautiful, and deep. The melody is fairly shapeless, and doesn't really build to a whole lot. I do like the changes from soft singing to rapping, it adds a really edgy element and engages with the audience. The lyrics are a bit repetitive and cheesy, but still sound honest to an extent.