I wrote the lyrics and melody for Swept Away, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

Song Title: Swept Away

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Swept Away

Verse 1:
A pounding in my head
nowhere to go but down
just fading lights of hope
to watch my sorrows drown

Circling on empty
the well of life's run dry
screaming on the inside
but not a tear to cry

When the walls begin to crumble
and there's nothing left to pray
hold out your hand to Jesus
and get swept away

Verse 2:
Hate and desperation
anywhere but here
life inside a prison
that rotting smell of fear

Some days I sit and wonder
I close my eyes and dream
the sound of crystal water
flows down a mountain stream

When the walls begin to crumble
and there's nothing left to pray
hold out your hand to Jesus
and get swept away

If only for a moment
this world no longer spins
I look around and smile
a brand new life begins

When the walls begin to crumble
and there's nothing left to pray
hold out your hand to Jesus
and get swept away

Hold out your hand to Jesus
and get swept away


Reviews of Swept Away from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.2 out of 10):

  • The medium tempo of this track has a bright country tone. The sound of the guitar opens the track and is followed by drums and other sounds. The vocals are performed by a soft voice male artist. His style is a little plain through the track but his voice stays on key. The lyrics are a bit touching and have some sensitive sayings that may catch listeners unexpectedly. I like the meaning in the lyrics more than anything else about the track.
  • Couldn't really get into this record from the beginning to the end. The effects on the vocals takes away from the songs energy and passion. The lyrics are at the most plain and simply not great and deep enough. The songs arrangement and the way it was put together is cool though really love it The songs tempo and production is very warm and compelling.
  • The song sounds a little bit tropical when it starts playing. The piano and guitar mixed together. The guys voice is okay and sounds good. Not something I would want to listen to but it is not a bad song in general. it is a good genre, gospel. I like that.
  • His vocals could really be improved. I do like that he is pretty in tune and never really off key, but invest in some auto tune next time. The ahs are appropriately placed. Very nice lyrics that mention his faith. I adore this type of sounds for every other artist to follow as a well.
  • The song starts of very cheerful and silly almost. The song stays just as cheery throughout the full song. The vocalist voice is a bit bumpy sounding. The lyrics could be better, they sound like they were supposed to be more sentiment filled, it just doesn't show through. The feeling is something that makes up a good chunk of this song.
  • I love how the intro is played out with the guitar, gives it a great start that draws a great deal of attention from the audience. The voice of the artist is mellow and low pitch which works well with the song entirely giving it a good flow. The genre seems to lean more onto religion which isn't exactly my taste or choice, but it has certainly caught my attention!
  • I like this song. the country vibe i get from this one is very strong and i like it a ton already. keep up the great work and never stop making music. i like the vocals from the get go it is very soothing and is not drowned out by the background music. keep it up man. you get a 10 from me all day long.
  • I really liked the backing track here i think the acoustic guitar notes here were really authentic. This man has really nailed this song as an artist he does have a good taste in music. I found the men singing with him good too they can sing well. It is a religious song and a nice one to hear.
  • Guitar and piano intro is quite simple. It is not long and to short. Lyrics are poetical. Voice of singer is expressive and strong. Chorus part of song: "when the song begins to crumble." performed with little effects sounds like real chorus although it is performing by one man. I'm doubting a little bit of Jesus name in lyrics, maybe it will be liked by christian people, but maybe it is to personal sing about that to all the people. Or maybe this is strength if you performing to christians auditory.
  • Nicer start then the typical songs I hear. Acoustic guitar sounds good. Then when singin comes in its the typical white boy whining about his problems. Not really intrigued by this music. I would have to be very depressed in order to listen to this music. Then again no I wouldn't.
  • The beginning sounds like country. When the voice starts singing it does not sound well, but does not sound bad. It is an okay song, but it is not something I would listen to daily. It is a church song, which is not something you hear commonly.
  • I like the bouncy feeling beginning. the intro is way too long. but the vocals were worth waiting for. the singer has a good sound. this song has good pace. i like the lyrics. oh this song is about Jesus. i like the courses. the singer has a very clear voice which makes the song pleasant.
  • The beginning of this song has a rocking beat being played masterfully by the person on the guitar. Now the lead singer has a voice that is very smooth, and he actually does some very great pacing as he sings. He makes sure his listeners hear his lyrics, because his song has a message. At first I thought this was a country song and was surprised that it was a christian song. Very well done.
  • I like the upbeat tempo at the beginning and the lighthearted guitar. I also enjoy the beat at the beginning because it stays nice and simple. The vocals seem a bit rushed compared to the rest of the tempo but overall are quite nice. I think that with a breath and a more relax it could work better. Overall I think the voice and lyrics match the piece well and the harmonies suit the song well.
  • This recording started off with a 1970's sounding introduction. the music is kind of country sounding but the voice pop. A bit crossed genre as far as the style of voice and the melody and production. The tune is basic and o.k. but only average as far as voice, performance and songwriting. I liked the transition to the chorus but the voice was off key. I love the lyric but the music and singers performance is not strong enough to bring the great lyric into the mainstream.
  • Latin tinged guitar and percussion-laced ballad seems Western laced, but turns out to be a casual invite to 'hold out your hand to Jesus'. The cut takes a camp fire ballad approach to salvation, and the beachy acoustic sound of indie rock is an attractive thing. The harmonies are nice, the playing amiable and this is some fairly decent preaching music.
  • The slow tempo of the instrumental has a textured mix of sounds with a contemporary sound. I like the sound of the beat with its mellow flow. The vocals are sung in a glum toned voice. The vocals in the hook are slow and dull too. The lyrics are amazing with reference to the almighty. I like the lyrics and I know that they are going to inspire many listeners.
  • The maraca that plays at the into is very funky and it blends well with the Spanish guitar. the man that sings has a very nice voice but he does not sound with a bit of enthusiasm. all the notes are empty and need to be filled with some kind of growth through out the melody. this is a christian song and the lyrics are about giving things to jesus but I think this needs a lot work.
  • This song starts off with quite a medium tempo and seems it's going to have a pleasant tone to it. The instrumental sounds nice and as the singing comes in I can tell that this is going to work out. The singer himself sounds lovely, the quality could be a little better as far as audio goes, but the singer themselves automatically doesn't have any issues until really the chorus. When the chorus comes in all concepts of pitch and tone have left the building. This is something major that should be fixed. Otherwise everything else sounds good.
  • The song has lyrics that sound like they have a meaning to them. It sound a little like a church song. If someone is looking for a mix between church rock and classical this would be the song.
  • Very quick intro and nice chill sound to the guitar and piano. Nice relaxing drum part also. Very nice vocal very emotional. Kind of depressing but still very beautiful. Relate-able. I really like this piece a lot, very nice harmonies at the bridge as the song approaches the chorus. Builds very nicely to the chorus. Sounds like a song of hope.

Below is an acoustic version of Swept Away by Douglas Haines:

Reviews of the Douglas Haines version of Swept Away from the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service (song score: 6.0 out of 10):

  • The intro began instantly and it lasted quite long so it created such a good build up. Great use of music and instruments. The singer i am guess wrote a love song? Good touch to add another singer sounds unique. The melody did not change till most the way through or his pitch so it was a little boring but on the other hand it is very relaxing and has a county style to it.
  • Great vocals, the single use of a basic guitar suits this song. you can tell that the artist has his heart and soul into singing this song. i think maybe if there was piano added it might sound good? just a suggestion. i like how the two voices blend together, and just at the right time in the song.
  • The intro with the guitar comes in at too fast of a tempo. The length of the intro was good and the melody progresses nicely. The song need more than just the guitar as accompaniment. The vocal harmony works well with the main vocalist. Could do with a little instrumental variety instead of just down and up strokes on a guitar. The lyrics are deep and meaningful. At points the harmony is slightly off. Overall lovely structure but needs a catchier chorus.
  • I really loved the soft melody of this song! His voice reminds me of Vance Joy without the indie vibe. The soft acoustic element makes the song enjoyable to listen to. The instrumental guitar sound really adds a whole new element. In addition to that, the lyrics really caught my attention. I particularly like the phrase ,"when the walls begin to crumble."
  • I am not at all a country music listener. However, I did not mind listening to this song. Actually, now that I am really listening to the lyrics, I think this is more of a religious song. The song is simple, pleasant and easy to listen to. I do also like the guitar.
  • The guitar is very calm and soothing in the beginning of the song so it is easy to tell that it will be a good slow song. the vocals are really good because the singer has a good pitch range for the notes in the song. he is singing fully in tune which is very good. the beat is clear but not too sudden which is good because the song stays calm.
  • Guitar music here is uptempo and somewhat harmonious with out any singing to it at first. The singing starts soon enough as the notes of the instrument are played. His voice sounds like he is really healthy and happy. Uniqueness of the tone of his voice is familair although not like anyone else either. The words are sung like a pro, and I like the improvements he has been making overall. His voice is really quality-like. The slowness in the track is not as sad sounding anymore.
  • I love the acoustic guitar in this track. The vocalist has a very nice voice and carries you away. There seems to have been a good amount of thought put to the lyrics that I feel are very nicely done. I would love to see these guys at a local bar while I have a pint with some friends.
  • I really enjoyed the guitar at the beginning of this song it was a nice way to start out. The vocals were a pleasant surprise I was expecting a female vocal. I can't tell if this is supposed to be a country song but I like the fact that it keeps me guessing. The sadness of the song made me pay attention to the lyrics more but I was turned away at the mention of religion. I think staying away from the mention of Jesus would give the song more hit appeal, I would also like to hear more vocals during the chorus to give it more dimension.
  • I like the beginning of the song, because the guitar has an upbeat sound. i think that this makes a great country song, because the beat is uplifting and the vocals sound great. I think that there should be a beat added to the song, because it is a bit dull, and doesn't have enough sound and instruments to make it appealing.
  • I find the guitars that start this song to be somewhat peaceful, to be honest the song is really great. I think that song has some radio potential. There is a lot of guitars that run onward through the song as well. I feel like a guitar would compliment the song nicely as well.
  • Nice acoustic guitar beginning, a change from all the hard rock and hip hop. This is just a nice relaxing song. The artist also has a nice and unique voice. The guitar playing is also great and it has a nice beat even though it is not a very fast paced song. The lyrics are good and clever. The background singing along with the main melody is also a smart idea because it brings out the main melody. This song is good for Christians, also because it is about Jesus.
  • The acoustic guitar never really impresses in the opening of this track, but it does settle the track down really well, and establishes both a melody, that is likeable enough and a rhythm, with a ticking beat then sitting along this. The tune is nice, one that you feel designed to make you listen, the vocals also deliver the lyrics in the same manner. The leads dont head off to grab you with a manic delivery, but let you come to them, and this is then reflected in the lyrics, poignant, but the theme is not overplayed. A track that will do well in the genre.
  • Go up on empty instead of down. I like the chorus when the harmony happened. This is an interesting sound. The guitar rhythm is good. I like the juxtaposition of the beat versus the words of the song. Great use of "swept away". Good ending with the repeat. I really enjoyed this song. I would listen to it if it came on the radio.
  • This song is pretty ok. I don't hate it and I don't love it. It seems a bit rough like a demo and not a real song yet. I like the acoustic guitar though, it just sounds very generic. The lyrics are good, it seems very good for a different type of bible song.
  • I think the beat of this song could have been better. The song was a bit depressing. Not a song that I would want to hear on a daily basis. The song was really weak. The lyrics could improve a lot. The song was boring and has no structure.
  • I love the intro it is very stable and makes me want to move to the beat of the song. I love the artist lyrics it is very nice. The background could have some new things because all it is doing is repeating. Also I love the harmonics. The duet is very nice.
  • The acoustic guitar at the beginning is balanced and inviting, a great way to start. The vocals are very strong and are full of feeling. Though sad in theme, that makes the listener want to listen to it more. The lyrics, though very normal for religious music, is still very heart-warming and beautiful. They are also inspiring, even for those that are not religious. The problem is that it is not very clever, it is the same song about Jesus we've heard many times before. The melody of the song, though very plain, is strong and has a good beat. The artist is quite talented and has a great singing voice that sounds very natural. However, from this piece he sounds unimaginative and predictable.
  • Folksy acoustic guitar begins this piece with no addition instrumentation given nor is it needs. The strum pattern and tempo of the guitar is unique and rarely heard, which makes it fun and very enjoyable. The vocals are distant but full and demand a subtle attention. Harmony parts performed during the chorus are perfection. Through the lovely imagery of the lyrics the sights of the singer are the sights of the listener. What a lovely piece of music!
  • A fairly standard pop folk tune. The lyrics and vocalist do have some emotion that is convincing, but the vocal tone itself does not draw me in particularly. Also as I am not religious I do have a strong bias against this kind of music. Harmonies are well done however.
  • Wow huge fan of this from the very beginning, your voice is very strong ad kept me pulled in the whole the time, the lyrics were very catchy. this is the kind of song i would blast with my friends in the car back home. very powerful message, very glad to hear the lord being represented.
  • For my liking, I do not like this song. I absolutely hate country music and this sounds like country music. The tempo is too slow and the guitar annoys me. The artist did a good job with the lyrics, however it sounds like country music and that is not what I like. Overall, this would be perfect for someone who enjoys country music.
  • Song displayed a country background with use of guitar and lead singer's accent. Laid back and simple melody with hints of light rock. The song's message was conveyed through positive and inspirational lyrics. The listener can draw comfort to its encouraging message. The collection of instruments plus vocals complement each other well.