Song Title: Web VIP

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Verse 1:
I am the king
of the online lands
programs all around the World
execute my commands

If I link to you
it's like money in the bank
cause it's almost guaranteed
to raise your Google Pagerank

When I update my blog
people hang on every word
cruising the information highway
I always travel chauffeured

I'm a Web VIP
fluent in java, perl and PHP
you can't touch my programming ability
I've even got a gold plated encryption key

Verse 2:
I get downloaded more
than a YouTube vid
I'm more underground famous
than that Star Wars kid

I surf through cyberspace
with so much clout
sites don't bother asking me for passwords
nobody wants to keep me out

If you think I'm just braggin'
I'll write you a mathematical proof
whip out your PDA
so I can zap it to ya Blue Tooth

I'm a Web VIP
fluent in Ruby, Flash and ASP
nobody can match my programming ability
I've even got a platinum plated encryption key

Verse 3:
Word to your mother
now it's time to get old school
back before the days
of the overseas labor pool

I was a hungry webmaster
creating site after site
only in plain html
my pages I did write

No cgi scripts or fancy animations
No rss feeds or videos for syndication

I paid my dues
in that prehistoric age
now its time to finally let this tiger
out of his cage

I'm a Web VIP
fluent in Python, Cobol and VB
can't touch my status of cyber celebrity
my web pages will live on for eternity