Song Title: I Don't Like Crust

Words by MC Eric B and Jacob B. Recorded in 2014 in 1 take, with vocals by MC Eric B and piano playing by Jacob B

I Don't Like Crust

Verse 1:
My tummy starts to rumble
it's almost time for lunch
I'm picturing a sandwich
something tasty I can munch

Jacob says he'll make it
and put it on a plate
he'll do it in a rush
no longer will I wait

so then I tell him...

I don't like crust, I don't like crust
you must remove it or I'll fuss
cut it off, use a knife
don't leave it on and ruin my life

Verse 2:
To the fridge he goes
Jacob the cook
don't even need
a recipe book

Slap on the ham
slap on the cheese
put it on bread
careful not to sneeze

There's one thing though
he almost forgot
something he almost
remembered not

But when he served
mama her food
it put her in
a really good mood

The crust was off, the crust was off
No need for mama to choke or cough
Jacob threw the ends away
making this a happy day