Song Title: Nercdore Superstar

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Nerdcore Superstar

Attention all nerdcore fans...
There's a new MC in town
My name is Eric B
Get ready for all the hits that I throw down

Verse 1:
I started rapping real young
straight outta da' womb
the nurse even passed me a mic
in the delivery room

In kindergarten I hung
with a bad ass crew
getting in playground fights
playing pranks with Elmer's Glue

My high school years
were more of the same
the classes were boring
the teachers lame

But instead of a thug
I was labeled a geek
I was in love with my computer
people thought I was a freak

I'm a nercdore superstar
my raps are totally bizarre
you'll be left with an emotional scar
they'll never play me on NPR

Verse 2:
My rhymes flow faster
than bits on a bus
don't have to resort to diss tracks
like Monzy and MC Plus+

I ain't no sellout
with a Myspace page
but it's standing room only
when I take the stage

I got no bling, I got no hoes
I live and die, by the little 1 and 0's

I'm a nercdore superstar
download me to your TiVo DVR
better than Mike Tyson, verbally with you I'll spar
savor me like a fancy Cuban cigar

Verse 3:
I'm well raised and educated
my web pages are highly Alexa rated
Got mad coding that's impervious to hackers
being courted by VC's and financial backers

More blogs link to me than Howard Stern or Steven Jobs
get quoted on everything from Web 2.0 to flash mobs

I'm a nercdore superstar
when it comes to e-commerce, they call me the czar
I don't know how to pickup girls at a bar
but at least I got wireless broadband in my car

I'm a nercdore superstar
reviewers say that my songs are above par
I'm a nercdore superstar
I rock all of cyberspace, near and far