I wrote the lyrics and melody for Seduce Me, but did not record my own version of the song. Instead I paid Chris Davidson to record it for me.

Song Title: Seduce Me

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Seduce Me

Verse 1:
the scars of love remain
but we break away these chains
and get back in the game

So I wait
I sit there and I pray
for love to come my way
catch that spiritual bouquet

Seduce me
it's a hunger we can't fight
seduce me
take me in your arms tonight
and seduce me
oh, seduce me

Verse 2:
rhythm of romance
passion burns inside a glance
shake it up and take that chance

So we fall
and our world it gets so small
lost in the wonder of it all
in the wonder of it all

Seduce me
it's the hunger we can't fight
seduce me
take me in your arms tonight
and seduce me
oh, seduce me

The pulsing beat
it takes control
fiery lust
consumes your soul

Seduce me
it's the hunger we can't fight
seduce me
take me in your bed tonight
and seduce me

Seduce me
it's the hunger we can't fight
seduce me
take me to your bed tonight
seduce me
take me to your bed tonight
and seduce me
oh, seduce me


Reviews of Seduce Me on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service: (overall song: 5.9 out of 10):

  • The combination of indian dance music at the beginning then the vocals is very strange. The vocals themselves are not that strong. The arrangement creates a very awkward feel which is added to by the weird content within the lyrics of the song. No harmonics. very repetitive guitar and "drum" beat.
  • Nasty as fudge recording. The voice was really high pitched and annoying. The song sounded like it was going to be pop and not country. The recording is awful and horrible. The producer should do a better job and do his work correctly. The song is not complete nor near being finished. I rank this song 3.
  • This song was very scattered and I was not sure what kind of song I was listening to until the artists started singing. I was not impressed of the bland vocals from this artist. The lyrics in itself were very hard to understand, I do not know if this was fault of the artist or if they meant this.
  • This sounds like a more middle of the road Flaming Lips. I think it's a nice enough song but I suspect the audience isn't radio one. I think to improve the song it needs to sound a bit more weird and original. It doesn't have the warm depth of the flaming lips but I do like the eco jazz effect. I think the tempo could have more variation. I think the comparisons to other artists are too obvious and could be a problem. The song style covers old ground.
  • The beginning of the song had a great sound of techno. Then once started it felt like the new wave music. The music has an energy that is independent and clean. The artist has a pure voice that is clean,clear and respectful. He has a good spirit when he sings. I like the rock sound in his music,it shows that he is multi talented.
  • Nice groove , the voice is nice and fun to ear. It's a nice touching love song that is good to listen too with your girlfriend. The voice sounds a little far behind . But it gives a nice reverb to it which is to me a good thing. The guitar solo break was kinda weird changing the vibe a lot but it a good way. The chorus is really nice , easy to learn and to sing too. The saxophone solo was really needed and is nice with the guitar backing it up. Nice solo from the saxophone.
  • Sounds like a partying song. The tempo and rhythm is kind of slow so i don't like it that much. I prefer fast music. But the lyrics are good for a love song so that's prettttty good. The lyics feel like they are very good and fun and good. I think i'm gonna give it 7/10.
  • So well, awesome and unique intro for a music. The intro music played a great traditional intro for the guitar to smoothly started. The guitar is played simple it does have this power. The strumming is in a fixed beat and is so simple, around 2 by 2 thought it has a great combination with the vocal. The vocal is in medium quality but they managed to use the great harmony together with the guitar. There is harmony and unity among the vocal and instrument so the play went well.
  • I like the tone of the intro. it has a lot to listen to at once but it sounds alright. The vocals fit the instruments very well. I like the lyrics and it is a relatable and sounds decent. It is encouraging and motivating to find a partner. I would listen to this song with a girlfriend.
  • Middle eastern sounding yowl gives way to some bongo laden acoustic strums with bird calls and a nature loving vocalist. The singer sounds like hes a bit of the 60s and could front the Hollies easily. This peace and love song switches to love with its 'seduce me ' refrain and content. Wild guitar romp in the middle gives way to more free form vocals and sedate finale. Its filled with sensuality but the bongos feel a bit canned. Pretty retro and has some nice attributes.
  • This song starts off like a Jodeci record in the first note, but then it switches up to a Taylor Swift vibe in the next note. The singer himself, the sound effects on his voice can be done without, his voice needs to be crisp over this track. This is an alright track, but not a perfect track.
  • This song fools you to believe it's a up funk song that's all happy and good to dance to until the vocals start. The song then starts to slow down and get softer and the lyrics are all emotional and about life and it isn't what you expect it to be. This song would go under blues I guess.
  • This song reminds me of some West Coast style music. I enjoy the sample in the beginning thoroughly. The guitar part is good because it adds the harmonic requirements in order for a song like this to function properly. I like the drum track. It reminds me of a sample from a cheap keyboard. The vocals are very strong and present which is a good thing. This guy is so good that he doesn't even need auto tune. I like how the solo bluesy guitar comes in with all the effects on it. The best part of this song is the guitars.
  • The melodictone-like stuff that kicks off tje track is just very good. I like the way the vicals are introduced. It really fixes harmony into the track. The male deep bass should have been used, other than male soprano. In any case, the still leave room for various instruments to produce a killng melody to create a ryhme of it's own. But I imagine some movie would pick this for an audio track and quiten everything else. Except that the voicets go away and almost destroy the jist amd harmony created earlier. Maybe a little tweaking of the tune to autotune can would male the thing more appealing. Please make the verses more lively as the chorus too. It's a noce track generally. An absolute pass! Very GOOD!
  • This track has distorted vocals or some kind of sample in the introduction of it. Then a guitar plays, so this is definitely an interesting melding of different types of music. The singer doesn't really sing on beat and his vocals sound too airy. This is just an okay record, with an average guitar and very lackluster vocals being used in this beat. It could be a lot better.
  • The song can use a little tweaking. The vocals seem to over power the beat. The volume levels of the vocals were high. Other than that the song seemed to have good energy and great atmosphere. The song was well composed and greatly structured. The artist did a good job on the production. I will rank this an 8!
  • I like the funky beat at the beginning it sounded like some music from Indian and I liked it a lot. It sounded something from another country but when you hear the lyrics you know its not from another country. But the quality of the song is bad. Its all over the place, its like the song is recorded with a camera during a live concert. I would rate this song a 5/10!
  • This songs intro needs alot more work, there are so many diffrent elements that just confuse the listener. the vocals in this song are really good with the amount of emotion the vocalist lets out. the lyrics that can be understood are cute. and the melody is a bit to slow for me but is still good. the harmonization of it all is amazing.
  • The beat has a guitar in the backdrop. It is harsh, strident, and has a poor balance. the melody is low and the tempo is fast. The vocals are a low octave range. The lyrics and average and not out of the ordinary. The recording could be clearer. This doesn't have a chance of being commercially successful.
  • The beats mixed with the guitar is pretty nice. The effects are too much for the song. The singer's voice is good but it doesn't sound like it matches. The vocals sound too distant from the instruments. The echo effect is obnoxious. The lyrics are alright, a bit cliche. The song definitely still needs quite a bit of work and tweaking.
  • This is a song I would expect to hear on the radio. The track has a pretty good background to it. The music is a bit more different than other songs, in that it's nice to hear the different instruments so strongly in the tune. It's nice that the lyrics are relatable too. I think this song has potential to do really well in commercial radio. The echo to some of the vocal parts on this track were nice to hear for a change; great jam!

Below is a different, more traditional sounding, mix of Seduce Me by Chris Davidson:

Reviews of this alternate version of Seduce Me on the ReverbNation.com Crowd Review service: (overall song: 5.4 out of 10):

  • This song has a squeaky and echoing intro. I like that and enjoy the loose end texture that is engaging in enjoying the benefits of modern tech sound effects. The use of reverberation in the singers voice is a nice and solid touch in hiding the singers voice. This tune most definitely has an indie feel to it and is not meant for the mainstream.
  • Interesting guitar solo way too much sliding noises on the strings. It's really like nails on a chalk board. The bass is nicely done but offers little of interest. The drums are the highlight of the instrumentation. The vocals are really well sung. You have a very unique voice. The melody is really nice and unique. The lyrics are interesting. Be careful as you get in the upper notes that you don't push yourself out of tune. This is really an interesting melody with a lot of 70s sound.
  • I like how the song starts out but the way the singer enters the song is very weak. It sounds like the quality of the microphone is very low quality. However, the lyrics are very compelling and the melody of the song is impressing. The music sounds like it is much better quality than the mic. If this little problem were fixed this would be a nice song.
  • Starts with quite a nice guitar solo, has a nice bass to follow. Sounds like a country western song, then a man starts singing his voice is ok and flows with the instrument. lyrics are really terrible, it's not making me feel anything right now other than I really want to switch it off. The bass guitar sounds ok but that's about it.
  • The guitar melody is good on this track and the way it's a little bit off harmony in places. The vocals sound very real and I think the lyrics have been well written as they're clever, whilst retaining the theme of love. The chorus is quite tuneful and is also very memorable. Seduce me. Yes, this is one we will remember.
  • The intro is pretty long but that isn't a bad thing at all. It was kind of nice actually because so many songs start so fast. This song is very peaceful and sweet. Its something I would listen to at a barbecue or when Im outside by a campfire. Im not sure why but this song really reminds me of something Id listen to outdoors and I like it a lot. Very refreshing tune.
  • The music playing was a very smooth build up to the vocals. As it kept playing I noticed a little vocal which was placed in the background, therefore I noticed that the beat started improving. Well the vocal started the pitch of the voice was clear to hear and found that went well with the music within the background. The volume seemed to stay the same throughout most the song but then noticed near the end that it gradually got more power in the vocals.
  • The music is very inviting. I do feel as though the introduction is slightly too long. The words are awesome, and the singer has an interesting voice. The words of the chorus are kind of a let-down. This song has a "Lean on Me" kind of vibe, and it's certainly awesome!
  • The beginning was not bad. It took the person long to start singing. The guy singing is not that great. It sounds weird. I like the melody he use. I feel like his voice does not go great with the song. I like the solo the guitar had.
  • I like the guitar sound first off. The electric guitar is nice too. I like the man voice. Has a concert vibe feeling to the song. Like you out on the lawn on a blanket with your significant other at a concert hear this song. I can also hear this playing at a karaoke bar.
  • The track has a nice sound to it with the acoustic guitar as the intro. it starts off so soft and free. the song sounds like a country ballad and the singer comes in really late to me. the singer is a man and his voice is just not giving me anything worth listening to. he sings with no sense of urgency. the words he sings about need feeling in them and he has none. the track needs a better singer and then put it on the radio.
  • I really love how the song begins because that sets the tone and emotion of the track right off the bat. The production could use some work as though it was kind of off beat to my ear. The vocals were smooth but the lyrics lacked in character and voice. But as the song progressed i saw an upward momentum in the song.
  • The introduction has a soft acoustic sound to it and it's quite nice. The intro was quite long and made the song sound tacky. The vocals don't sound like they were recorded professionally- it sounds very homemade. The vocals also are not on tone and are very squeaky. As the song went on the instrumental variety got better, but was kind of outplayed and overplayed. This song could use some work.
  • I like the guitar the start is long but it's ok I do like his voice and the song is about love and sexual coming on. It's foward. It's ok I like the beat he gets to the point and I can hear his words clearly.
  • I'm a huge fan of the acoustic guitar, and this song definitely shows the potential beauty in one. Love the singer's voice and the lyrics to the song. I'm a huge fan of country, and this is a very good showing of how beautiful country can be. Definitely a good country love song.
  • In the introduction I found that the very high pitched noises were extremely irritating. However as soon as the singer starting singing it became less frequent. However, this does not mean that I enjoyed the song as I was too busy paying attention to the noises.
  • This is an acoustic song, which contains the main tune being played on the guitar before the vocal enters. Symbols and shakers are added to the piece to give it more texture and depth. There is only one singer, singing about 'loving' someone. The vocals are good, but lacks harmonies and even more voices for depth and also to build texture.
  • There is something very natural and authentic about the introduction to this song, especially in the guitar slider. The voice complements this perfectly and the music gives way to him rather than him shouting over it. The lyrics themselves are very inoffensive despite the mature content and create quite a romantic feeling over the country track. This wouldn't be out of place played among Don Mclean. The harmonies worked wonderfully towards the end of the song.
  • Good, the guitar plays nice, the beat flow simultaneously. The vocalist has a lovely and captivating voice! That voice of yours leaves an impression and makes the song soulful, and emotional. i love this song and i believe it will be a great song to listen to early in the morning and before going to bed or when taking a nap with a girlfriend.. it brings in that intimacy. 10 of 10. kudos!
  • This song begins with a very classic feel, but isn't recorded with the same old time sound. Rather, the recording sounds amateur. The instrumentals are un-moving and stay the same throughout the song, literally like the same short riff on a constant loop. Due to that, no matter how good the vocals could be (not that these really are) it would just not do this song justice.
  • I think this one is way too repetitive, the lyrics are repeated over and over again. And the background music has absolutely no difference between the course in the verses. I also feel like the vocals themselves don't make me want to listen to them, because the message is just so boring and repeated that it's hard to follow what is being said.
  • I enjoyed the beginning guitar riff. The voice sounds like its echoing, and I do not think it sounds good with the guitar. The beat of the song does not seem to match the lyrics. I like the instrumental but I wish the drums were a little less there and there was more acoustic. It is a little repetitive but not too bad overall. The message of the song is mature and hopefully aimed to attract older listeners.
  • The melody to the inturmental is well shaped! The artist has decent vocals with a clear tone to them! The artist pitches aren't to grounded! I think given a different insturmental this artist would of played a well rounded tune! The instrumental isn't a wise choice for the artist vocals!
  • Not impressed with this song.. the vocals were far to flat for my taste, and the instrumental just didint really go well with the vocals of the artist. there was no real sense of melody which really paid a bad factor making the song non enjoyable to listen to.
  • Wow I like this song from the start. I love the beat and music it has the feel and sound of a good hit song. with a tinge of a good country song. the vocals of the singer are also well done . nice song for cruising on a relaxing ride .listening to the radio.
  • I liked the introduction of the song with the sound of the acoustic guitar, made the introduction really attractive. The vocals are reasonable, a bit old fashioned. The lyrics of the song are the type that most people will be able to connect with in one way or another. The melody of the song could do with another instrument being used, maybe a piano. The song has some potential to it but i do not see it being in the charts.
  • The intro gives a very friendly feel to it. I like to see this as a song the gets me imaging. The guitar is a plus on this, as it gives a rich tone to the song. The vocals however do sound a bit unnatural. It sounds distorted or to 3D in my ears, making it bland and to me it takes me out of that nice farm world. But it does have it's nice points as it keeps in pace with the guitar, adding to that old west feel.
  • Really nice sound to the song straight away, calming and feel good melody, voice was slightly disappointing but got better as the song went on, the lyrics are interesting and I like the chorus, it's catchy, I like the melody all the way through the song and I would like to hear more of this artist and his feel good melodys! Voice gets better for sure. I do rather like the sound of this artist.
  • I like the intro and how it comes right in it has a nice tempo. The vocals has a lot of reverb to it would be better without it. The hook has a nice vibe to it but need to be re mixed. The beat breakdown was nice with the melodies behind it. I like how the lyrics flow together with the beat.
  • The song sounds very genuine and uplifting. Although the rhythm is very repetitive, the lyrics take away from it and makes for a good overall effect. It has a good alternative, mellow feel to it, which can make for a very relaxjg song to listen to.
  • The instrumental start is great with the chords and drums all in perfect sync. Some parts seem out of balance but is very good. Lyrics are nice and fit well with the tone and chords. Vocals are also nice and with the lyrics it tells a very good story for the reader which will also keep them interested. Nice mix of everything overall including the edits for audio replay.
  • This song has a good country vibe. I keep hearing squeaking chords, which is offsetting. I am not sure about the words. They are a bit juvenile. However, I love the line about the hunger. Great analogy! If there was a little more bass, the sound quality would be improved. Overall, I feel bored with this song, actively. If I played it in the background as I worked, it would disappear. There is a certain layering of vocals and instruments that aren't sitting well with me. If this was fine-tuned, perfect! Good song.
  • A fine dynamic sounding intro leads into distinctive vocals. The seduce me chorus does not sound like the best lyric for the chorus. The phrasing and melody are alright and the score does have some merit. The echo and reverb might be overdone. The lyrics may be a little too over the top. The track has slightly strident tone. The rhythm and melody are well done; the theme and lyrics are not as appealing.
  • The intro was a little slow for me the song was a little slow overall. I didn't like the gaps that he took in between when he would say "seduce me". The Melody should have been different it kind of has a depressing beat.
  • I like the music, I am enjoying the rhythm of this music. I like how it's give a vibe that's kind of cross between freedom and submission. The guy's voice is comforting as well, if I could download this song I would. I like how he's asking to be persuaded by whomever this vixen may be.
  • Squeaky guitars intro the listener to this song. A diner echo sounding male voice starts singing to us; about hoping for love and wanting to be seduced. This song would commercially be great on a jukebox somewhere, either in a restaurant or a bar. It doesn't really go anywhere beyond that, so it lacks a little in originality, but makes up for it in relaxing slow drumbeat and a somewhat memorable feel. 7 out of ten.
  • The beginning music is a little too long. I think you should just go straight into the music, but other than that it is a pretty alright song.It has a really nice meaning to it and the singing is pretty decent I might say. I would listen to any further music you have.
  • This song is really soothing. I could jive this this music anyday. The intro seemed a bit too long making it a long wait for the listener to critique the music. Great Melody and beat to this song. This song would be best played at a spa where the room is very peace and quiet, and this song adds to this serenity. However, the tune may be soothing, the lyrics were god awful and needs to be improved. Overall rating 6/10.
  • One thing for sure, I loved the instrumental music; especially when the drums were added in the middle of this presentation. The beat was outstanding. Can't same the same for the singer. I tried really hard to understand what the words were that he was singing. Was the song called "The Wonder of it All?" They want a little more detail.... what more can you say about a man singing and you can't understand the words he's saying? I liked the electric guitar, if that is what it was.
  • Overall, it sounded like an okay song. It would be more interesting with just a slightly more upbeat tempo, but the lyrics were good and seemed to have some sort of meaning. The vocals seemed a bit run of the mill and not very passionate. Maybe add some harmonies and another instrument to add something catchy.